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There is full of Japanese contents.
I recommend your learning (and|or) installing Japanese.
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Iwate nowadays
Information of Iwate for the people who live outside Iwate.
The EmptyLot of game
About Board game, Announcement of monthly game meeting at Morioka, and Pockemon card game.
Providers in Iwate
If you want to be WIRED in Iwate, look and print-out it.
The hall of "White Wall"
About Iwate prifectural Morioka dai-ichi high school. The school songs in MIDIPLUG are also available.
World Wide "Hideyuki" Web
and my self-introduction.
Which is it?
Check and send to me! version 2.
The EmptyLot of quiz
Japanese Trivia on the Web.
"Care" and "Bronson"
About the mini-magazine published in Keio university.
My-boom ranking
Check and send to me! version 1.

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